We are NOW Bikepacking!

We are three women who love sports and traveling.
Andrea, a spin doctor, loves traveling around the world by bike, prefereably in the company of Barbara and Andrea.
Andrea did longer tours in Asia, South America as well as in Europe. She organized those adventures on own, meaning she was planning the routes and changing plans as she aws moving along. Barbara motivated her to enter the Tuscany Trail in 2021. First rather skeptical, Andrea fell in love with this new kind of traveling: luggage on front and back of her bike, riding an organized route with a lot of other people, making new friendships and  having fun together while also being in a bit of a competition.
After participating on the Umbria Trail in 2022, joining a funny group of Italians, the idea of the “Salt&Lake Trail” was born. Just settled into the area of the Salzkammergut and knowing the routes all around, a first draft of the route was created. Bringing Barbara and Andrea on board and founding the “Not Only Women (NOW) Bikepacking team” was the next step to start this event.
And NOW we are really looking forward to bringing people from all around the world to our event and to do our best to find and provide the best paths in the area combined with sightseeing and leisure.

AndreaSALT Spin Doctor
Born and raised in Austria, as her Simplon Mountainbike. Andrea started twenty years ago with bicycle trips and enjoys being in mountains and nature. Traveling with a bike is the best way for her to discover new countries, but also having fun on trails on her different tours in the western alps is important. Two years ago she discovered the Gravel bike and found in her new home area a good playground for this kind of cycling. From profession a project manager, she loves to plan and organize. Therefore and with a bit background of sports event manager she initiated the event and hopes to convince other to join.
barBARaSALT Creative Doctor
barBARa is the pure Italian in the bunch. A bundle of energy and full of temperament. Half a lifetime ago she moved to Austria and it happened to her. She fell in love with the mountains, nature and outdoor sports and she stayed. Her first mountain bike trip together with Andrea was twenty years ago and countless other MTB adventures followed.
Professionally diverse, besides a solid job in an IT company, she has worked for many years in the cultural and event business and is the creative head of the group.
AndreaSALT Local Doctor
Andrea lives since her birth in Bad Ischl, in the heart of the Salzkammergut.
She loves biking and hiking in summer and ski touring in winter in the mountains around the Salzkammergut and knows the country and its people very well. During her professional life she could also gain experience in the field of event management. Through her friend Andrea she got to know and love bikepacking and was immediately hooked on the idea of organizing a bikepacking event in the Salzkammergut.