Welcome to the Austrian SALT & LAKE Trail 

Start Friday, 27.09.2024

Seepromenade Schiffsanlegestelle, St. Gilgen, Austria

Unsupported bikepacking adventure
through beautiful landscapes and stunning villages
2 routes with 400km/8000hm or 280km/5000hm
up to 7 days

The basic idea

SALT is an unsupported bikepacking event through beautiful landscapes and stunning villages.

GPX data will be provided, scouted for the best trails for gravel bikes and MTB.
The route takes you on gravel roads, forest  roads and paths, asphalt roads with little traffic (in Austrian “Bauernstraßen”).

It is a self-supported event, so no assistance from outside is allowed or provided by the organization.

You have to carry your luggage and plan food supply and overnight stays by your own.

The trail can be left wherever you want but but the rules say that you should return at the same point and continue the trail there.

There is (almost) no time limit, you can decide how long you go and when you will cross the finishing line.

Get out of your comfort zone

Participating in such an event can bring you out of your normal comfort zone: there are a lot of kilometers to be done and many meters to cycle up and down while facing different weather conditions. It could still be hot but everyone who knows Austria knows that rain and in worst case also snow fall on the highest passes could be possible.

So be prepared for this!

But leaving your comfort zone will also bring you a big reward out of your daily routine. From the first hour onward, you will be surrounded by nature and your own rhythm.

Whether you go alone or in a team, join with like-minded people along the route, all is your decision. There is a common start, you determine speed and rhythm  with the aim of coping the route, reaching the finish line and getting the most important things for you out of it.

Women and men on trail

We would like to organize a diverse event and the more mixed the starting field is, no matter what gender, from which country, what motivation, whether competition type or connoisseur, everyone is welcome and contributes their part to the success of the event!

Our interest is also to motivate more women to start in such an event.
We know so many women in the cycling world but participating in an event is still more of a man’s world.

But women are strong and should believe in their performance and strength.

Maybe women do a trail in a different way, with less focus on time and competition, and with more of a sense of team building and socializing.

And that is exactly what the SALT&LAKE Trail should be.

There are still:


…this is the time you have left to do some training, but don’t wait too long and sign up now!

Our Partners

Do you also want to become a partner of the SALT & LAKE Trail?

Send an email to info@saltandlaketrail.at